A look at Sarscov2 origins


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8/24/2021, 7:50:45 AM

As the world awaits the US review of Covid origins due on Tuesday 8/24, the most likely scenarios previously presented by some evolutionary biologists, politicians and by the media are the Wuhan institute of virology accidental lab leak and popular in 2020 zoonotic origins from theYunnan caves bats . Both scenarios don’t align with origins investigation based on mutational order approach.

Traditional molecular phylogenetic analysis used to determine early Sarscov2 evolutionary history proved not to be reliable due to limited number of phylogenetic data.

If the report indicates Sarscov2 was leaked from the WIV lab or use phylogenetic origin analysis placing Wuhan 1 genome at the root it can be most likely considered as misleading.

The public narrative focusing exclusively on “patient zero” case and first REPORTED sequence from Wuhan putting the Wuhan-1 genome automatically at the root in November December while no other spatiotemporal genome sequence data from anywhere else was collected in 2019 are among the red flags in the Sarscov2 origins investigation.

Given the lack of certainty surrounding the Sarscov2-2 root scientists from Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine, Temple University, Philadelphia applied a mutational order approach to solve the Sarscov2 origins mystery by reconstructing the ancestral sequence and the mutational history of CoV-2 genomes

The root of the mutation tree is the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of all the genomes analyzed, which gave rise to two early coronavirus lineages ν and α.

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