6/1/2022 updates


World Affairs

6/1/2022, 7:30:59 AM

an announcement about sending HIMARS system and GMLRS rounds is anticipated from Biden Wednesday igniting further escalation leading to potential strikes on “decision making centers” sending notes rocket launching systems in retaliation if any ammunition will hit any targets in Russia

Russia to hold drills that involve nuclear-capable missiles

Biden welcomes BTS and Prime MinisterJacinda Ardern of New Zealand to the White House for a bilateral meeting. Biden: “We worked to advance the U.S.-New Zealand partnership and our shared vision of a free, open, and resilient Indo-Pacific

Scholtz: “we are continuing to put pressure on Russia withthe 6th EU sanctions package. The oil embargo covers 90% of imports from 🇷🇺 . In addition, 🇩🇪 has agreed to exchange rings with 🇬🇷 . So tanks of Soviet production can be quickly delivered to Ukraine

Danes vote on joining EU’s defense pact