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1/7/2023, 7:36:55 PM

In his latest peace in Spectator in December, The former secretary of State Henry Kissinger folds to faulty DC establishment and proposes what he knows is unacceptable to Russia Ukraine official ties with NATO, Russia retreat from territory it has gained (impossible under any circumstances after Russia firm win over annexed territories and all Minsk treaty parties acknowledgment that they lied to Putin and never intended to have a long term peace solutions but instead bought time to arm and train the Ukrainian army for unfolding war when they signed it in 2015) “the pre-war dividing line between Ukraine and Russia cannot be achieved by combat or by negotiation, recourse to the principle of self-determination could be explored. Internationally supervised referendums concerning self-determination could be applied to particularly divisive territories which have changed hands repeatedly over the centuries.“ the line cannot be achieved by negotiation due to DC position or combat with hopes of exhaustion of Russian troops.

Kissinger contradicts previous paragraph As newly annexed territories in Donbas, Luhansk&others are firmly under Russian control, won in combat and moreover held very transparent referenda in September 2022 with overwhelming vote to join Russia when he outlines “ control of those territories be decided after a cease-fire agreement.

Lastly, Kissinger correctly assessed nuclear risks unlike the state department, DC/current Biden administration that staged a coup in 2014 in Kyiv. Kissinger writes “The preferred outcome for some is a Russia rendered impotent by the war. I disagree. For all its propensity to violence, Russia has made decisive contributions to the global equilibrium and to the balance of power for over half a millennium. Its historical role should not be degraded. Russia’s military setbacks have not eliminated its global nuclear reach, enabling it to threaten escalation in Ukraine. Even if this capability is diminished, the dissolution of Russia or destroying its ability for strategic policy could turn its territory encompassing 11 time zones into a contested vacuum. Its competing societies might decide to settle their disputes by violence. Other countries might seek to expand their claims by force. All these dangers would be compounded by the presence of thousands of nuclear weapons which make Russia one of the world’s two largest nuclear powers.” Kissinger further correctly points risks of use of AI and novel high tech weapons with growing resolve to defend itself by Russia. It is popular to portray Russia as weak due to slow pace of the operation in Newly annexed territories as incompetence failing to understand “care” factor about newly annexed territories in contract to any NATO territories where Russia wont have doubt of powerful retaliation in case of meaningful NATO strikes/attack on its territories anticipated over next few years but starting now in 2023.

“As the world’s leaders strive to end the war in which two nuclear powers contest a conventionally armed country, they should also reflect on the impact on this conflict and on long-term strategy of incipient high–technology and artificial intelligence. Auto-nomous weapons already exist, capable of defining, assessing and targeting their own perceived threats and thus in a position to start their own war.”

Unfortunately, DC dictating Kyiv's decisions is too obtuse, incompetent, negligent in properly assessing risks or welcoming upcoming nuclear conflict.

If you expect a peaceful cruise through 2023 you could be disappointed. Many sleep through it all until suddenly finding themselves amidst nuclear war crisis never seen before.

Lets start from the end. The US, UK, NATO and its proxy Kyiv will lose a war in Ukraine started in 2014 with the US state department coup in Kyiv overthrowing duly elected president and its government. 2. You can say goodbye to DC sweetheart Zelensky despite hundreds of billions thrown in Kyiv support with activation of the NATO as well as most of the Biden administration War in Europe moves to next hot war stage including strikes as it expands beyond Ukraine to the NATO block, the UK this summer from mid march 3/11-15 march-4/6-20 -6/18 2023 via Syria, Greece, Internal NATO as well as continental Conflict involving Turkey, Greece, Poland, Romania, Germany, France, the UK, the US. Elections disruptions & Strikes vs turkey & its energy hub ambitions, war extension from Ukraine to Belarus, Russia borders after likely strikes on Russia and Belarus will be met with novel weapons retaliation to the NATO block from April-june 4/1-6/20-5/15-19-6/1-15-22 into fall. Possible conscription/draft this fall/August-September

Escalation in Asia via proxies in also in play involving north and south Korea, japan, Indonesia, Thailand, pakistan tensions with India. Geopolitical risks go along with elevated 🌋 Eruptions, quakes this summer june-august

While all major financial players and institutions pre announced recession in 2023, global Credit crisis deepens from june 2023 with systemic financial paralysis If you didn't fall asleep yet, don't forget good odds of the global leadership including the WH failure, the Biden administration impeachment/dissolution this spring

happy 2023

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Henry Kissinger How to avoid another world war https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-push-for-peace/