116 M Americans are vaccinated and covid deaths are higher than during summer 2020



5/14/2021, 4:28:35 AM

As of May 10, national forecasts predict 1,500–5,500 new #COVID19 deaths will be reported during the week ending June 5. That would bring the projected total number of U.S. deaths to 591,000–602,000 making up all 2020 covid related deaths in just first 5 months of 2021. Our models indicate another larger new variant resistant to vaccinations wave of Covid related fatalities this fall from September into Q4 2021 winter and reach over 1M by 2022 and continue to rise by June 2022.

Seasonal cases and fatalities variation to lower end are indicated during warmer summer months. Despite over 100 million vaccinated, weekly fatalities are HIGHER than in last summer fall 2020. Sarscov2 adaptability and mutability is a contributing factor to its unlikely containment. Another concerning trend in death statistics is in the unspecified cause of death category that spiked after vaccinations got introduced from 500-600/week to over 3500/week in 2021.